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Film Festival Awards
2019 Porto Fashion Film Festival selection - Unattended film (10'', independent production)
2017 Doc Outlook at Visions du Reel - Men in a Box (30'', independent production)
2011 Young Creatives Awards, Czech Culture

2022 Postcards from Europe (group show) Shutter Hub, Cambridge, UK
2021 Cache, Clandestine Perspective (group show), London, UK
2019 Cutting Corners (group show) London, UK
2018 Portrait of London - (solo show), Kolin, CZ
2012 Ethnoscapes (group show), New York, NY
2012 Voice of the Grain (group show), London, UK

Curatorial Projects
2018 Kinolab Film Festival, DOX Centre of Contemporary Arts, CZ
2021 Photograd - online guest feature, zine print
2021 Maps6 - online guest feature
2021 Projection216 - guest feature
2019 Art lover magazine - guest feature
2014 Der Greif - guest feature


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